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SASS Australia Albert Li (MD)

Since installion of the SSB system we have been able to accurately manage and measure our bulk soda ash stock movements and holdings.  This software has been particularly important as it has enabled us to follow our stock from the ship to the warehouse, monitoring the loading by the hopper into the trucks then the measure the transit by truck. SSBee also then records stock in the warehoue and tracks all stock movements, as they are delivered from the warehouse to the client.. We now receive real time updates of sales and stock movements giving us the information we need to  control our business.

Andrew Minter, MD, Fashion Club Wear (FCW)

" I am pleased to give SS&B my wholehearted endorsement."

Since we installed the system we have been able to control our stock holding much more efficiently, which has meant a substantial reduction in overall quantity with a consequent increase of available cash, but are also able to use our retail outlets as additional warehousing space and easily track all stock movements, as they happen. We now receive hourly updates of our retail sales around the state and a consequent increase in the comfort that comes from being in control.

Further more we have increased the output of our manufacturing line through real time tracking and reporting.

The transparency in this area (which we are able to share with our clients) in tracking and reporting on the progress of all jobs, has enabled us to secure a contract with a large national events company, for all their uniforms."

The system is easy to use and presented in a very user friendly way. Our staff were able to discontinue running parallel with the old system within a couple of weeks.

Dealing with the IT and installations staff at SS&B has been a pleasure and their can do attitude has left us with a relationship we foresee lasting for many years.

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Aphra Heron, at Li'Tya Spa Products

"When we won the contract to supply spa products to a major international resort chain we knew our existing systems would not cope. We had to have a lot more automation and dramatically reduce both the manual input and transfer currently employed.

SS&B to the rescue. Our Shopping Cart and e-catalogue right through to our Bill of Materials and automatic minimum stock level maintenance is all on-line. Our accounts, ordering, stock control, reporting and location finding are all available from wherever we are, at the touch of a button.

Everything talks to everything else, the individual dashboards for each member of the management team can be customised (by us) so we all see our priorities first.

It is therefore a pleasure to offer this recommendation to future customers considering using SS&B


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