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SSBee Case Study 2 - Service Providers
2011-06-14 15:55:01
Most people would not consider Medical Service Providers as managers of quite large stock inventories

Case Study 1 Club & School Wear
2011-06-14 15:55:01
The most impressive statistic in this case study is the cash generated by nothing more than a reduction in the stock holding and real-time transactional reporting through constant monitoring.

Case Study 3 - Spa Products Company
2011-06-22 12:37:10
Take the humans out of the machines jobs, they do it faster & better with fewer mistakes. Give the humans up to the minute information, in an easy to read format, tailored to their specific portfolio,thus empowering them to make informed decisions and help manage the company instead of just being employed by it. Maximise the machines potential and the people's morale.