Case Study 1 Club & School Wear

Case Study 1 Club & School Wear

The Problem:

Thid company is a successful clothing supplier in Melbourne's inner east, established in 1986 supplying school and sports uniforms from head office or one of their retail shops situated in schools around the State. The Clothing is manufactured in their factory and supplemented with imported stock. Sublimation and embroidery are performed on the premises together with a variety of special options.

However the quality of their products and service belied the disorganisation of their warehousing and inventory management. The lack of accurate, timley reporting left them blind and scared to investigate what was happening. The longer it went on the less they looked.

Stock was stored in the main warehouse and in each school shop for "efficiency". However because no one knew what was where it was never relocated to where it was needed. Instead more stock was purchased when demanded. Thus the surplus quantity kept on growing requiring an ever-increasing cash investment. Stock control had also long ago been lost in the clouds but interestingly the answer to their problems was also in the Cloud.

The Solution:

SSBee's barcode-based POS and fully integrated back-end system was installed. This records and collates every transaction and materials movement that occurs anywhere in the company. Because it records everything, we can report on everything. ABC are now tracking every order, product & component from the moment it is ordered to when it is packed in a bag and leaves the shop, including when it is overseas.

All goods are bar coded (to a UPC code on EAN 13) when arriving and scanned into the system. They are then logged in and out of every stage until they are sold. Every scan updates the CPU in real time so reporting is alive and well.

Each level manager has his or her own custom designed "dash board" on their screen, so that they see exactly what they need to know, in an easy to read format with graphical representations making it really easy to interpret the reports at a glance. These reports are on the web so can be accessed by authorised personnel, anywhere they can log on.

SSBee provided & installed all hardware and software systems, personnel training, monitoring and verification including the initial stock take.  Minimum stock levels have been set for all critical components, with auto alarms triggering pro-forma orders when these levels are reached. 

But the most impressive statistic is the cash generated by nothing more that a reduction in their stock holding and more cash has meant reinvestment by the owners, which in turn fed growth and produced more cash.

In the words of their MD "This is exciting" 


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Case Study 1 Club & School Wear
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